Azumini Community Celebrates Ikoro Festival 2024

Azumini Community Celebrates Ikoro Festival 2024

The people of Azumini community in Abia State came out in large numbers, adorned in unique and lavish attires, to celebrate the revered Ikoro Festival 2024.


The cultural festival, featuring captivating dances, commenced on the 19th of February with IKORO UJUU and continued until the 24th of February in Abia State. It was a week-long cultural celebration, highlighted by the spectacular Ikoro Festival in the ancient kingdom of Azumini, a unique community in Ukwa East Local Government Area. Tradition was showcased at its beautiful best as young men and women trooped out to Amaobu, the cultural playground of Azumini kingdom, to dance and celebrate IKORO. The colorful displays captured the joy and happiness of the indigenes at the sound of the drums.


Speaking with our reporter, who was on the ground to celebrate with Azumini indigenes, a young man, who preferred not to disclose his name, was seen dancing with joy to the IKORO drum. He mentioned that he always looks forward to every IKORO year to come and dance, expressing the joy it brings him to return from Port Harcourt, where he is based, for the IKORO festival.

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Another young man, Victor, who returned from his base in Enugu for the IKORO festival, emphasized that IKORO has always been his favorite since childhood. He expressed his commitment to returning yearly for the IKORO celebration.


Ikoro Azumini is an event where the people of Azumini gather to thank God for fertility and a bountiful harvest from the previous farming season. They also pray for a more bountiful yield in the coming farming season.


The people of Azumini ancient kingdom are known for their hospitality, accommodation, and pride in their cultural heritage. They cherish their language, their special kind of soup, ukazi soup, and other mouth-watering delicacies.

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Over the years, the Ikoro Azumini festival has transformed into a colorful event attracting both foreign and local tourists. The Ikoro dances are considered exclusive for nobles and cultural initiates, akin to the surugede, known as the dance of the spirit.


Tourists were thoroughly entertained by the display of the rich culture and free-spiritedness of the Ndoki people. A common sight at the festival was the lavish attires worn by Azumini indigenes, especially the men, which were a great attraction. The women adorned their attires with variants of “George” wrappers and beads, while the men showcased their abada, walking stick, colorful George, and other interesting designs. They moved around with dignity and pride, savoring the activities.


Azumini is rich with culture, preserved for years with a few modifications. It is noteworthy that the indigenous people of Azumini Ndoki are a happy community.

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A special meal of the Azumini people, folo ukazi, was on display. In summary, it was an exquisite, royal, classic, and superb cultural celebration that left many looking forward to another IKORO festival in 2025.