Family Matters: Don't Quit Your Marriage

Family Matters: Don’t Quit Your Marriage

Remember when you two were younger, and you argued a lot? Not because you didn’t love each other, but because you weren’t mature enough to understand one another. After 10 or 20 years of marriage, it’s assumed that by this stage, both of you have understood each other and know how to handle issues easily.

Marriage is not a gender battle; don’t enter into it and start asserting, “I am the man” or “I am the woman.” If you do, your marriage may not last up to five years. Marriage is a beautiful union between a man and a woman, both created in the image of God with unique strengths to journey together in the union called marriage.

The truth is that almost every married couple considers quitting and doubts whether they will last at some points, especially when overwhelmed by challenges like house rates, children’s school fees, utilities, and all the necessary things to keep the union going. This season comes to shake both of you and test how serious you are about the marriage. It now behooves both of you to plan together as husband and wife to withstand every situation. If you manage that season well, especially the early season of marriage where bills will be coming from left, right, and center, then you will be a stronger and better couple.

If you two started your marriage on a shaky foundation, maybe the man didn’t want to marry the lady, and in the process of dating, he impregnated her, resulting in both getting married. This may have been a blunder caused by both of you at the beginning, but it doesn’t mean that your union is doomed to fail. You can take control of that marriage and steer it in the right direction. You can search anywhere in the world, but you will never find someone who knows you, puts up with you, and has proven to be dependable like the one you have invested years in each other. For that, don’t take your husband or wife for granted.

Love has to transcend sagging boobs, baldness, gray hair, fat, stretch marks, physical challenges, and sex because as you grow older, all the beauty that was present at the beginning may no longer be there. Indeed, you will realize that it was the person inside the body of your spouse that you fell in love with.

Those friends you made your priority and ignored your spouse will easily leave you, but your spouse will always be there. Have your priorities right; make your spouse your priority because they will always be with you during good and bad times.

Your mother, father, brother, sister, and uncles don’t actually know your spouse. It wasn’t them who found the person for you, so their opinions should not be the absolute guide. You know each other best; it is your home, not your father or mother’s home.

The memories, legacy, wisdom, and assurance of love you transfer to your children are the greatest inheritance. It makes no sense to work so hard to make money for your family and, in the end, lose your family. As you work, be smart and make time to enjoy quality time with your spouse and children.

There is no challenge you two cannot overcome if you are united and work together; put down unnecessary ego in your marriage.

Your husband or wife is in your life for an assignment: to make you better, to give you a helping hand, to compliment and support you, to help you fulfill your purpose. Do not fight that assignment. As you age and get closer to death, the weight of responsibility in marriage will dawn on you. You will be more conscious that you will have to give an account to God on how you treated the spouse God gave you all these years. You will remember how you two met, the promises you made to each other’s family, and the vows you made, and if you lived by them.