Port-Harcourt Residents Decry of Excessive Heat, Harsh Weather Condition

Some Port Harcourt resident say they find it difficult to sleep at nights due to excessive heat wave they have been experiencing for some time now. Some of those who spoke to our reporters said the heat becomes unbearable especially at night. Stressing that both fans and air-conditioner is no longer effective measures to calm their bodies as the rooms become heated up, and that after having a cold bath they immediately start having unusual sweat which lasts throughout the night.That this continues during the day wherein people tend toward suffocating.

An environmental geologist, Dr. Giadom Ferdinand Dumbari says the heat currently experienced in the country especially at night is as a result of an emission of carbon dioxide. The lecturer of geologist at the University of Port Harcourt says the use of machines and disels are also contributory factors. Stressing that the global temperature rose about 1.5•C in December 2023.
Stating that once the temperature becomes extremely high, then it can lead to irreversible changes in the earth’s temperature. He said right now in Port Harcourt, the heat is so much that even the air conditioner doesn’t seem to cool the house. Stating further that it is a Clarion call and there is need for everyone
migrating from the use of generator to modern form of energy generation that emits less concentrated carbon.

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Dr. Giadom Fedinand opined that people should try to invest in other sources of energy such as the use of wind turbine and solar panel. Stating that the only way out is for Nigerians to phase out carbon emission and embrace greener energy. He said we should do away from burning of fossil fuel because that is actually contributing to the global pollution and environmental hazards.

Speaking on this, a consultant radiologist Dr. Ebbi Robinson said the prolonged heat waves are caused by human activities like deforestation and the release of chemicals into the environment, adding that some of these human activities are dipliting the ozone layers. He warned that the current weather condition can lead to severe dehydration, which can also cause chicken Pox disease, Measles, Heat Rash, weakness of the body, slight fever, and dry lips and
Subsequently hypotension. He said the extreme cases can lead to heat stroke, eventual death, if not properly managed. He further explained that apart from its effect in humans, it can also affect food production which could result in a further rise in the cost of food items.

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Dr. Ebbi Robinson who is the chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association in Rivers State further advised residents on the measures to use in order to adapt to this present extreme weather condition. He said people should take enough water, avoid direct exposure to sun light, always seek for shade, use fans, and wear light, breathable clothing to reduce exposure to high temperatures. He also suggest tree planting as one of the ways to reduce the heat wave.

By Nzeuzor Jane & Bestman Orji. PH