Japa Syndrome: Nurses, Midwives In Rivers Criticise Govt Post Convocation Policy

The National Association of Nigeria Nurses And Midwives in Rivers State has criticised the recently imposed stringent conditions for practising abroad.

According to the new directives, a legible African must now possess a minimum of two years post convocation experience from the date of issuance of the permanent practising license .

The chairperson of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives in Rivers State Bridget Adaku Nwosu in an interview with our reporter said the decision to stay in a country after obtaining a permanent practising license should be left to the nursing profession and not be dictated by the government. She said a lot of nurses are roaming the streets seeking for job opportunities. If one qualifies from school and probably need to stay like a year or two there before finding a job, then the two years they are talking about has already elapse, stating that she believes the government is only tasting to see what the reaction of the nurses in general would be, adding that it is not to their best interest.

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The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives boss Bridget Adaku Nwosu further stressed that it is not the government that is training the nurses, rather the nurses are training themselves. She complained bitterly that it is not right for the nurses to train themselves in school and when they graduate, the government will now tell them how to work. Stating that that can only be fair if the government is training them.

The chairperson of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives Bridget Nwosu while highlighting the challenges driving nurses to seek opportunities abroad, asked the government to address these issues rather than implementing polices she perceived as oppressing measures. She said the working conditions in Nigeria is not conducive. And nobody wants to work out his or her youthful age and at old age go home without anything. She said the government have a role to play in ensuring that the working conditions of the nurses are okay. Revealing that for sometime now, they have been asking that the government give them a special salary structure as peculiar to nurses, and that, they have not seen.

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By Nzeuzor Jane, PH