Political Crises Frustrate Development - Ihejirika

Political Crises Frustrate Development – Ihejirika

It had been roughly one month since 27 lawmakers of the Rivers State House of the Assembly started an impeachment process against the State governor Siminalaye Fubara in what is believed to have stirred from his rift with his predecessor and political godfather Nyesom Wike, since then, the Assembly complex has been closed as lawmakers engage in a legal battle over the House leadership crises that have trailed the impeachment notice.


Though the first impeachment attempt against Fubara on the 30th October 2023 by 27 House members of 32 was aborted by the Governor, one would expect that after the settlement by the president, the case would have ended there. While Fubara keeps his peace, the FCT Minister and those House Members loyal to him restrategize and attempt another funny way of attack where they meet to pass a bill for financial autonomy before the court stops Amaewhule and his group from sitting as the battle becomes more dangerous. The situation has raised concerns among various stakeholders about its potential impact on the State’s progress, particularly as the final month of the year approaches.


As you may know, at this time last year, the then Governor Wike had already submitted his budget estimate to the State Assembly. But with the ongoing political crises in the State, there is uncertainty surrounding when the presentation of the 2024 budget is likely to take place. Speaking on this, a professor of Development Communication, Walter Ihejirika in an interview with our reporters says governance in Rivers State should not be allowed to suffer. He said the time the people in government should have used in thinking out developmental projects and working for the good of the people, they have spent on scheming how to outright themselves. He further explained that the ongoing apparent problem between the former governor and the current governor of Rivers State is constantly not good for the development of the State. Adding that there is a need for harmonious synergy between all levels of government. Stating that governance is not one man’s show but it is a collective and a team play.


Also speaking on this, the coordinator of a Non-Governmental Citizen Trust, Lawrence Chibunso told our reporters that though the last election was controversial a governor was voted in, and because of a clash of interest between the former governor and the current governor, things have fallen apart. He said if true democracy is practiced in Rivers State, former governor Wike would owe Fubara an apology because he is not supposed to exact control over the present governor. Stating that this political problem is affecting the developmental strives of Rivers State.