Ndi Eze Bestows Ugwu Umuopara On Ugwumba Chikezie Nwosu, Over His Efforts In Developing Umuopara Land


The Umuopara Council of Traditional Rulers, ably led by HRM Eze Wisdom Ekueku, as part of their yearly traditional festival has Installed Ugwumba Chikezie Nwosu, Ugochukwu Inyama and Sonny Mbagwu with the chieftaincy title of “Ugwu Umuopara“.


The ‘Ugwu Umuopara’ title which is given to only those who have served and contributed meaningfully to the development of their communities, saw Ugwumba Chikezie Nwosu crowned as the Ugwu Umuopara representing Ngodo Autonomous Community, Ugochukwu Inyama representing Eluama na Mgbedeala Autonomous Community while Sonny Mbagwu representing Ohiaocha Community.

Ugwumba Chikezie Nwosu

At the event which was held at the Technical School Field, Umunwanwa, Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia State, saw sons and daughters of the Umuopara clan coming out in their numbers to celebrate these illustrious sons who have distinguished themselves, resonated hope in their various communities through dedication and commitment to the development of their communities.


Interesting to state that ‘Ugwu Umuopara’ is a lifetime title given to only one person from each community that makes up Umuopara Ahia Asaa and no two persons from the same community are pronounced or bestowed with this reverend chieftaincy honour.


Speaking, the newly installed Ugwu Umuopara, Ugwumba Chikezie Nwosu, a native of Ngodo Community, hinted at journalists on the culture of Umuopara, particularly the Ugwu Umuopara festival.


According to him, the Ugwu Umuopara is a title given in recognition of one’s impacts to his community, standing as encouragement for more community service.


He said the honour is not one that should be paraded like a peacock but one that holds the custodians accountable for the development of their communities.

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In his words, “The Ugwu Umuopara title is not to be paraded, you must be ready to give back to the community you are representing. If you are not ready to make impacts in your community, when you are approached for that title, simply tell them you are not interested, so you don’t truncate it’s essence”.


According to him, beside attending festivals,weddings and burial ceremonies, the purpose of the ‘Ugwu Umuopara’ title is basically to make impacts in the community and also promote positive development.


Ugwumba Chikezie Nwosu added that there is a need to change the narrative of ‘Ugwu Umuopara’ from being seen as a title paraded to receive accolades and encomiums from subjects to one that is given for developmental impacts.


“I told the other Ugwu Umuopara that we have to change the trajectory and do something impactful. By January 2024, we will have a meeting where we can select one impactful project.


“We are looking towards either building a health care center, a market or educational system,but most importantly,it will be a project that is tinted towards development. We are starting with just one project,we believe by the years to come,we will be doing more. Our impact must be felt in Umuopara”.


Ugwumba Chikezie Nwosu who also spoke on the threatening challenges on the Igbo culture,said the recent worship of money by Ndi Igbo has largely affected the survival of the igbo culture and stated that until this idea is changed, the igbo culture would keep facing challenges.

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He said in the situation whereby someone with money is considered for an Ezeship title as against the traditional requirements that allow for only families with the kingship stool or the most eldest son in a compound to produce the Eze,as it may be obtainable in different communities,lamenting these abnormalities,as it poised a great danger on the Igbo culture.


“The Igbo has never been known to worship money, we respect people. The worship of money is a strange thing in our society. Before now, people question the source of one’s wealth but today, nobody asks any question. This has been the greatest infringement on our culture and it should get to a point where certain people in our communities who have the resources and wealth, should show others what money should be used for.


“Money should not be used to create problems, intimidate or fight for positions or even distort existing traditions but it should be used to develop the community.


“The Ugwu Umuopara should be able to show people how money should be used and the essence of maintaining our culture, by giving back to the society “,he explained.


Ugwumba Chikezie Nwosu, however, stated that the same challenge confronting our culture is also reigning in the political system of Nigeria,where money bags take leadership positions,at the expense of those who truly merit it,adding that as long as this problem persist, Nigeria would not have the right leaders.

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Meanwhile, Ugwumba Chikezie Nwosu, highlighted the numerous awards and recognitions gotten from several communities including the yoruba community, because of his selfless service to these communities.


The Oil and Gas mogul said several years ago,he was bestowed with the title of the Ugwumba of Ngodo Community, which was later elevated to the position of a High Chief.


He said aside these titles from his community he was honoured with the ‘Ezi Enyi 1 of Ohaji community in Imo state, Enyi Dinamba 1 of Umuokanem in Imo state, the Aire Babaseye of Owo kingdom in Ogun State,among others.


The Ugwumba added that he does not refuse any recognition coming from any community as he sees it as an honour to him, urging people who do not see the need to invest in their communities,to toe towards that direction.