NDDC Reiterates Commitment To Infrastructural Devt In Abia

Executive Director, Projects, of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Sir Victor Antai, has assured leaders of various communities in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State, of the Commission’s commitment to the infrastructural development of the Niger Delta region.

Sir Antai, who made the declaration recently, when he led a team of the Commission’s directors and engineers to inspect the ongoing emergency repairs of failed sections of Atani-Amuvi-Amankwu Road and the 8-kilometre Atani Phase II Road in Arochukwu LGA, with concrete drains and solar-powered street lights, noted that the road network would have a major impact on the lives of the people, as it would also open more opportunities for business and socialisation across state boundaries.

He assured that every possible measures to ensure delivering of good work had been put in place, NDDC would not relent in its resolve to transform the Niger Delta region by executing impactful projects in the region; He also appreciated the youths from the different communities in Arochukwu for being very peaceful and providing the enabling environment for the contractor to keep to the job specifications and standards set by the NDDC to ensure quality delivery.

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According to Antai: “When the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice. The current Board and Management of the Commission are transforming the entire Niger Delta region. We have gone round this community and you can see for yourselves the beautiful job done by the contractor. I am satisfied with the quality of work done.

“The roads have drains on both sides and are complimented by solar-powered street lights. These street lights form part of the Light up the Niger Delta project of the Commission.

“Arochukwu is very close to Akwa Ibom State, as it shares boundaries with Ini Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom and is also close to Cross River State. The good road network in Arochukwu is one step away from getting across to the neighbouring states. I must commend the contractor for a job well done. We will encourage other contractors to step up their game and deliver quality jobs.”

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Speaking on behalf of Ugbo community in Arochukwu, Eze John Ogbonnaya Okoro, gave plaudits to the NDDC, stating: “This road you are seeing today was more like a track road, mostly marshy and undulating, before the NDDC intervened. Vehicles couldn’t come into our villages through this road. But today in our life time, through NDDC we now have a smooth and asphalted road.

“On behalf of my community, I’m saying a very big thank you to NDDC, while we appeal for a bridge across the river so that we can access our farmlands and then open up the communities.”

Also contributing, the Eze Ogo Atani, Eze Dr Charles Okoro, applauded the Commission for its intervention, as the road which many communities had been impassable for over many years now; while observing that the roads re-constructed by the NDDC had been in deplorable condition for many years.

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In his own view: “Words are not enough to express the joy of the people who are now enjoying quality roads with the accompanying benefits in social and economic activities.

“Most of our communities were not accessible by road before the NDDC came to our rescue. We are very grateful for this assistance and we appeal for more in the area of electricity where we need transformers.”

By Aligwe Stella, P/H