N-Power Beneficiaries Gibe Beta Edu Fon Non-Payment, Corrupt Practices

N-Power Beneficiaries Gibe Beta Edu Fon Non-Payment, Corrupt Practices

A lot of N-power beneficiaries especially batches B and C who had suffered non-payment under Beta Edu voice with bitterness that the humanitarian affairs minister should be prosecuted and jailed for inhuman acts and corrupt practices wherein her greed and unreasonable wealth acquisition made her abandoned the task pf paying the N-power beneficiaries of the monthly N30,000 to buying of houses, estates, filling stations, and many others assets which she greedily acquired few months of assuming office.


Chukwudi Eze, N-power beneficiary describes Beta Edu as, outwardly beautiful but very wicked and ugly in character. Undoubtedly feckless, unreliable, quite unreasonable who does not care for the consequences of her actions or inactions.


Chukwudi Eze state this on a phone chat with our reporter stress that Beta Edu stays in office for the next 6 months she would have mortgaged the country. According to him she has no shame, she had frustrated millions of youths who depend on the N30,000 peanut from the Federal Government.

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Mr. Ipaka describes her as a fraudster who miscalculated and toyed with such great opportunity because of insatiability and wealth acquisition without compensating the poor beneficiaries with even one month allowance, she was only investigating her own crime, stressing that dismissal will not be enough and opined that she has to face the wrath of the law, being that her crime is of the highest order, playing pranks with the Nigerian Youths and Federal Government she deserves the to rot in jail for acquiring wealth at the detriment of the poor masses diverting the money mapped out to pay the N-power batches B and C.

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Some other Nigerians described her attitude of accumulation of wealth within a short period of time as shameless greed, and unchaining of a hungry lion.


Within the few months of her stewardship, it was alleged that she looted more than countable both in cash and property, exposing her inordinate ambition, selfish and a criminal of the highest order which started when Governor Ayade made her Director General of primary health only for Beta Edu to fight against the Commissioner of Health until the commissioner was transferred and during the covid-19 era she proudly said in a national tv broadcast that there was no covid-19 in Cross-River State.


During Buhari administration she manipulated her way as APC women leader which upon her scheming she met with doom.


In BAT administration, barely less than a year in office on a minister of humanitarian affairs she messed it up and started her looting, paralyzing the Ministry to the extent that N-power batches have not received the steepened of N30,000 monthly.

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According to EFCC report she criminally acquired a lot of estates, buildings, filling stations and many other unmentioned assets.