Longtime Fasting Poses The Risk Of Intestine Ulcer – Dr Robinson Warns

As some Christians are presently embarking on fasting to receive direction from God in the new year, a consultant radiologist is warning against prolonged fasting. Dr. Ebbi Robinson who is the chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) in Rivers State said fasting for a longer period has the potential to increase the risk of developing intestine ulcer.

The chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association Dr. Ebbi Robinson further explained that the medical implication of prolonged fasting is the tendency of developing some form of gastrointestinal disorder. He said that insufficient nutrition resulting from prolonged fasting can result in episode of sudden fainting and dizziness due to hypoglycemia or hypotension as the case may be.

The consultant radiologist Dr. Ebbi Robinson further advice the Christian faithful to prioritize their health by being aware of their status before undertaking extended fasting. He said whoever is going into fasting should first understand his or her medical condition, whether the person is diabetic or hypertensive and also the person should know his or her nutritional status and also know if there are arears in the body that needs medical attention but if there is no such medical condition and the person want to fast, then the person should also know the length to which his or her body could be able to withstand because if the person continues and get beyond the elastic limit the body could get, then the persons life can be endanger.

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In the main time, a cleric says January fasting represent a total surrender to God’s guidance. Pastor Agi Ozioma of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Higher Height parish in Port Harcourt, explained that fasting serves as an opportunity for Christians to surmount challenges in the new year. And the essence of which churches fast to begin the year is solely to get connected to Almighty God who is of today, tomorrow and forever.

Pastor Agi Ozioma further stated that the spiritual benefit of fasting is to give the spiritman upper hand against the flesh and also to tackle those challenges the Bible said can not go except by fasting. Adding that the flesh and spirit are always at war part, and it is only through fasting and prayers that the flesh can be under control. He however advised Christians with some health challenges to observe their body and fast as their strength and faith can carry.

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By Nzeuzor Jane. PH