Group Seeks RSG Support In The Entertainment Industry

A group known as the entertainment practitioner in Rivers State is asking governor Fubara to see the potential in the entertainment industry by funding it. In an interview with our reporters, the coordinator of entertainment practitioners in Rivers State Tekena Iyalla said if the sector is properly funded, it will create thousands of jobs and increase the state internally generated revenue.

” We are asking the government to look into the entertainment sector and ensure it stand so that it can develop our state and then we can stand to gain”.

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Mr. Tekena Iyalla revealed that their vision is capacity building and creation of jobs. He explained that entertainment is very huge because one of it’s powers is to change the perception of people and also to a large extent control the emotions.

On his part, a former chairman of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Lexy Mueka also known as Lexy M. said Rivers State is safe for investors to do business. He said entertainment industry is suppose to be the biggest money making platform but nothing is happening yet in Rivers State. He further stressed that Rivers State is safe for business and that people should stop demarketing the state for selfish reasons because the more they do that, the more they make it too difficult for the entertainment sector to keep Rivers State alive.

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According to Mr. Lexy Mueka, one good news coming out of Rivers State is the music that the entertainment industry is playing, the joke they are telling and the dances they are issuing to people to see. Stating that the other news are bad created news just to dent the image of the state.

By Jane Maduadugwo & Nzeuzor Jane. PH