Experts Decry Increasing Cancer Rate Among Young People

A health expert at the Niger Delta University (NDU), Bayelsa State, Dr Okeoghene Ifiezibe Akusu, has lamented the increasing rate of cancer among young adults in the country, saying early detection is key to overcoming the mortality rate.

He mentioned that one out of every six people die yearly due to late detection, putting the figure at 9.6 million people dieing annually, making it second leading cause of death in the world.

Speaking during an advocacy and sensitization programme sponsored by the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, through the BRACE -HULL NIG. LTD, to mark the 2024 World Cancer Day with the theme: Close the Gap, Akusu, added regular breast cancer screening is important.

In his presentation on the causes of cancer and the risk factors involved, Dr. Akusu, explained that “Cancer is a group of diseases caused by abnormal cell division. The body is made up of the cells, which are functional units of the body. When the cells begin to multiply in abnormal way, and sent to different tissues and organs in the body causes problems which is called cancer”

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He continued”When they grow uncontrollable, it causes problems and make the body system non functional” 9.6 million people die of cancer yearly, which is one in six persons yearly. Cancer has been said to be the second leading cause of death in the world. Its quiet alarming, and a threatening challenge.

In their separate submission, Dr. Kelly Torru and Dr Daniel Asalagha, advised that visiting a doctor when that start having some symptoms which is unusual to you shouldn’t be ignored. The earlier the better.

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They said for the women, breast cancer is common, which is the main reason why people are often encourage to indulge in the act of self breast examination, adding that sucking of the breast reduces the chances of breast cancer.

Studies has shown that cancer has been linked to some factors which includes the use of tobacco based products have high risk, consuming large volume of alcohol, overweight and obesity, and those exposed to LP radiations and unhealthy life style.

The Secretary of BRACE -HULL NIG. LTD, Enesiya Ibife Oruambo, commended NDDC for funding the advocacy for the fight of cancer in the state through her office, adding that more funding will help in the advocacy and sensitization of the spread of cancer among the people.

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We just concluded a march campaign in Yenagoa, the capital city of the state, to let everyone know that there are easy and more efficient way to fight against the spread.

By Goodness Owunna, Bayelsa