Cross River State Police Command Issues Stern Warning on Traffic Rule Violations

Cross River State Police Command Issues Stern Warning on Traffic Rule Violations

In a bid to significantly reduce road accidents within the region, the Cross River State Police Command has emphasized the importance of strict adherence to traffic rules. Emphasizing the civic duty of obeying traffic regulations, the authorities stress that compliance not only upholds societal norms but also plays a crucial role in preserving lives and averting potential road hazards.

The Police Command, through its spokesperson, CP Irene Ugbo, has issued a stern warning to individuals habitually violating traffic rules, particularly emphasizing the imperative obedience to traffic lights. This caution extends to those within the Calabar metropolis, where intensified efforts will be implemented to curb the menace of road abusers.

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CP Irene Ugbo asserted that the police will not hesitate to apprehend and prosecute anyone found culpable of violating traffic rules. The heightened enforcement aims to address the escalating number of road accidents attributed to reckless driving and other traffic violations. Commissioner of Police in the State, CP G. A Grimah, underscores the importance of these measures for the overall safety of the public.

In light of this, CP Ugbo urged all motorists to embrace responsible driving practices, emphasizing the collective responsibility in making roads safer. The Commissioner advises strict adherence to traffic signs, cautioning against any form of recklessness that could jeopardize the lives of all road users, including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.