Adopt Sustainable Agricultural Practices – NITP Urges Rivers Govt

The Nigeria Institute of Town Planners, has called on the Rivers State Government to adopt a sustainable agricultural practice to reduce soil and grand water pollution.

The chairman of the Nigeria Institute of Town Planners in Rivers State Dr. Simeipiri Johnbull in an interview asked the state government to come up with a master plan as well as district plan, local plan and subject plan to address the challenges facing the environment. He stressed that sustainable agricultural practises must be prioritise in the agricultural revival project to prevent soil and grand water pollution.

Dr. Simipiri Johnbull further Stated that there should be comprehensive proper planning, guided by master plan and involving town planners in order to integrate green infrastructure to manage store water, reduce Urban air pollution and combat climate change. He also said that regular disilting of water ways and implementing measures to reduce pollution are necessary to reverse the decline of aquatic life and maintain healthy water system. Dr. Johnbull however, appealed to the Rivers State Government to investigate and review harmful practices such as illegal landfills, oil bunkering and waste dumping into water bodies.

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In the same development, an environmentalist Felicia Onwuka wants the government to empower women to advance sustainable agriculture and forestation practices. Mrs. Felicia Onwuka in an interview with our reporters explained that despite playing crucial role in agriculture and natural resource management, women frequently face barriers to accessing land resources and participating in decision making processes. She however urge the government and extractive company’s to invest in sustainable agriculture practices such as agro – forestry and regenerative agriculture, stating that these practices enhance soil fertility, reduce erosion and boost diversity.

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By Nzeuzor Jane & Jane Maduadugo. Port Harcourt