Abia 2023: Prof Uche Ikonne And His Promise of Good Governance

In it’s most basic form, the anatomy of leadership is a matter of character and competence. Prof. Eleazar Uchenna Ikonne, the PDP Gubernatorial candidate in Abia State has shown himself approved a scholar who has no reproach. With the constant push for higher level of productivity which requires effective and ethical leadership, Prof. Ikonne has shown he is available and can competently steer the rudder of leadership in Abia State.

Prof. Uche Ikonne’s exceptional moral virtues and superlative performance in the discharge of his duties in his previous assignment are glaring.

Abia State with a land size of 5.835sqkm and with a population of 2.8 million is richly blessed with natural resources, fertile land and with a strategic geographic location that has direct access to seven (7) other states. There is need for the next administration to build on our areas of comparative advantage.

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Prof. Ikonne with his economic plan, understands that participatory governance engenders good governance and is very vital for economic and social development which will enable us harness our areas of comparative advantage in the state. Good governance is the striving for rule of law, transparency, equity and accountability in exercising political, economic and administrative authority. For Prof; we will create opportunities to forge partnerships that enable us all to implement economic goals, drive accelerated growth in our key economic sectors.

In Abia today, the numerous achievements of this present government led by Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu are based on the underlying principles of commitment to good governance and the maintenance of those standard principles is fundamental to the creation of an environment conducive for investment and long-term economic and infrastructural growth of the state.

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This Scholar has, on different platforms, pledged that his administration will be built on integrity, inclusiveness, participatory governance, accountability, transparency and prudent management of state resources, when elected. Prof. Uche Ikonne has promised to invest in education by providing qualitative and affordable education, boost healthcare delivery, regular payment of workers salaries and engender robust investment drive for peace and security and economic empowerment that will change the narrative of God’s Own State.

The TIGER ECONOMY of Prof. Uche Ikonne will provide solution to the unemployment rate in the state, and also encourage the production and consumption of our local products which will lead Abia State into the path of the much-desired economic prosperity.

Finally, with his quest for participatory governance, I see Prof. Eleazar Uchenna Ikonne, harnessing both human and material resources towards promoting our areas of comparative advantage so as to enable us compete favourably in both local and international market. Prof. Uche Ikonne, remains the best man for this job.

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Kingsley Maduforo, a Public Affairs Analyst, writes from Umuahia.