2023:Group Pledges To Support Good Governance In Abia State


A group under the aegis of Bright Future Youth Empowerment Initiative, has risen from its general meeting to promote and support good governance in Abia State in the forth coming elections.
Speaking with the Group’s President,Mr Vincent Ogbonnaya shortly after a general meeting with the coordinators of the 17 Local Government Areas in Abia State,held at the residence of Deacon Okezie Onyemuwa,who is the founder of the group, Mr Ogbonnaya stated that the group after her meeting, resolved to support good governance in Abia, pledge the group’s continuous loyalty to the founder and as well,create a platform to give scholarship to Abians.
According to Ogbonnaya,the Bright Future Youth Empowerment Initiative,was formed 15 years ago, simply with the vision to create an environment where youths can excel.
He said basically the group gathered to get direction from ttheir leader, Deacon Okezie Onyemuwa,as regards 2023 elections and also appreciate him for his tireless contributions to the development of the group and its members.
Ogbonnaya stated that as far as the group is concerned, they cannot give support to any body, except they get approval from their leader, adding that Deacon Onyemuwa has been the one giving them the dividends of democracy and he is in the best position to know the best person to support.”As far 2023 is concerned, anybody our Leader mentions for Governorship is where we will be”.
He further added that because of the veracity of the group,the group have continuously recorded new members and new chapters.
Earlier, the Convener and Leader, Bright Future Youth Empowerment Initiative,Deacon Onyemuwa, gave a hint why the group gathered.
According to him,the 17 Local Government Area Coordinators in Abia State, gathered to pray ahead of the task before them and also to kickstart their normal meeting.
He said next meeting, the group would be unveiling its candidates for the 2023 race, urging Abians to be civil in their conduct and avoid hitting up the polity with abusive words.