Rivers Residents Decry Godfatherism In The State, Call For An End

The issue of godfatherism is becoming a hard topic for debate among the stakeholders in the State. Some Port Harcourt residents said any politician promoting godfatherism is selfish and does not mean well for the country. In an interview with our reporters, a cross-section of our respondents called for an end to godfatherism in our polity.


An elder statesman in the Rumumuorlumeni community, Charles Wobo told our reporters that most of the godfathers now want to assume the position of both the father and the son. He said godfatherism is all about their selfish interest, they are after what they stand to gain and are not concerned about the interest of the masses. He therefore urged the masses to stand up for their right and move for their freedom


In the meantime, a lecturer in the Department of Business Law at Rivers State University Dr. Arugu William said godfatherism is unconstitutional. He explained that under the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, there is no place for godfatherism and therefore, it should not be supported. He further explained that the fact that you brought someone for all to support does not mean that at the end of the day you detect who the person will position as his chief of staff. Adding the position of who will be someone’s chief of staff is not something anyone should impose on you because that position requires your best friend who can look at your face and tell you when your face is dirty. Stating that when it gets to a point where even the chief of staff to a governor is to be appointed by a godfather, then that is evil in itself and it is the godfather who benefits.

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Another lecturer of Political Science at the Rivers State University Dr. Anthony Egobueze said godfatherism is not healthy for the nation’s democracy. He told our reporters that the issue of godfatherism is only to benefit a few, and the majority of the citizens are the ones who pay dearly when the godfather installs his sturg as successor. He stated that godfatherism is not a favorable political practice in any polity. He further explained that democracy is a form of government that gives power to the people, so the people are supposed to be sovereign in any democracy and when the sovereignty has been subverted or held in chains, then the State is drifting into disarray.

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The lecturer of Political Science at Rivers State University Dr. Anthony Egobueze further said that outgoing presidents and State governors strive so hard to install their successors to continue milking from the commonwealth of the State. He said godfatherism has breaded a lack of internal democracy because democracy is a system where the people will decide and determine what will happen to them, but under the system we have, democracy has failed to produce that system the people wish. He further said that if Nigerians didn’t stand up and fight for their freedom, they would continue to be held captive by selfish politicians.

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