Rivers Residents Call for Transparency in Police Shooting Investigation

Rivers Residents Call for Transparency in Police Shooting Investigation

Some residents of Rivers State are calling on the Commissioner of Police in Rivers State Cp Nwoyi Emeka to name and show the photo of the police officer who shot and killed the father of three Alafuro Peterside. You would recall that on August 4th, a police officer shot and killed the late Mr. Peterside in front of his wife and three children in Elekiah Port Harcourt. The residents said showing transparency and accountability on issues like this will help build trust between the police and the community.

Reacting to this, a human rights activist Higher King faulted the police for not making known the identity of the officer stating that such a decision would destroy the whole essence of the probe. He explained that it is a criminal offence and the scenario is against the law, and as such it must be disclosed. Adding that a policeman who commits a crime, after dismissal, is no longer a policeman and he is to face his charge. Stating that it has happened before and this one will not be an exemption.

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Speaking on this, the chairman of the Civil Society Organisation in the state Enefa Georgewill cautioned the Commissioner of Police in Rivers State Nwoye Emeka not to betray the confidence people have in his leadership. He said that the police have been suffering from a lack of trust in recent times so they should all act in a manner that will encourage public confidence. He urged the commissioner to use his earlier position to give the full details of the officer involved especially his name, rank, the command he is serving, and most importantly, the type of prosecution. Stating that this is the only way the police can clear those doubts.

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Similarly, an elder state man LivingGod Godswill said naming the police officer will increase the confidence of the people in the community. He said the name of the police officer should be blown off the camera so that the public will see that the police have truly disengaged him from services and all sorts of crime with police uniforms wouldn’t happen. LivingGod Godswill further said that if a police officer has offended someone, he ought to be brought to justice, they should ensure that he is prosecuted and not only dismissed. Stating that it is important that the police do the right thing by revealing his identity to the public and not to cover up their own.