Rivers Crisis MOSOP Urges Gov Fubara To Stand Firm

Prince Biira, president of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), has asked Rivers State Governor Sir Siminalayi Fubara to be firm in defending and protecting the state.

Biira made the announcement today in Port Harcourt in response to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s alleged peace measures in Port Harcourt shortly after his reelection as the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) for another three years.

He frowned at the ostensibly peaceful move, pointing out that it is flawed abinitio, since the subject is already in court, and no party has the authority to interfere in a matter before a competent court without first asking leave of court to settle the problem. “It appears that we are in a jungle, and it doesn’t look as if we are in a civilized polity, where rule of law will continue to play that’s why justice and that is why justice in the court of law plays with what the law is all about. “

“Before anybody can intervene into any matter that is in court, you sort the leave of the court, except law doesn’t exist anymore and not settle a matter first before asking the parties to go to court is an aberration and it’s completely not right. “

“The Rivers people and all of us are very concerned about the welfare of our state, we want know what brought about the impeachment moves and nobody has talked about it till date, but we from our common sense we know what is playing out, because our state have been cowed by some few individuals. “

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“He declared that Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), is solidly behind governor Fubara “We are all behind the governor exactly the guts and the concern of the governor to say that he won’t be cowed and he need something different by defending the state by doing what is right. “

“If there’s any agreement to me it doesn’t stand because first thing to be done is to sort the leave of the court and not to settle and return to court and what ever you do becomes contempt of court. “

He advised governor Fubara to stand by the majority of Rivers people who have come out to support and defend him. “If he want to be governor that will be respected, he should stand by the support and prayers of the majority, because we have really suffered in this State. I want the governor to be very resilient, focus and think about the people who have suffered along time in this state.

On the issue of the 300 million Ogoni development fund that was allegedly diverted by the past government in conspiracy with some Ogonis, he said that Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), is studying the allegations and will institute legal action against those involved and also to petition the president to carry out a thorough investigation into the allegations by Hon. Boma Goodhead.

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“There’s weighty allegations by Hon. Boma Goodhead, that doesn’t mean it has not filtered into our ears long time ago, but MOSOP was trying to be more diligent and careful to carry out thorough investigations, because we cannot afford to say something without facts and figures, but it has come to public domain and by the grace of God MOSOP, we are going to convene a congress and extend our views about what we have decided in the central committee today.”

He alleged that NNPC is trying to resume oil exploration in Ogoni, and that the people will stop them, except they carry out proper consultation with stakeholders“It is a weighty allegations that three hundred millions dollars approximately three hundred billion naira meant for the development of a people that have suffered terribly in the hands of government can just be taken by some people and the next thing we see is violence ravaging our communities because NNPC is in total conspiracy to carry out oil resumption in Ogoniland, which is not possible except the people are properly consulted from the top to the bottom, from Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), to the traditional rulers, and political elites, nobody can do just that. “

He warned those who hijacked money meant for the development of Ogoniland to be ready to account for every kobo ”Whomever that is responsible for the diversion of the Ogoni resources meant for the development of Ogoniland into the hands of any person and the person is yet to clear their names, I don’t think the Ogoni people will keep quiet and look at it. We have designed series of approaches how to go about it, we may write and open letter to Mr President about this weighty allegations that those who are mentioned or involved nor matter how highly placed must come out in the open. “

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“We have constituted committees to study the allegations and reach out to Hon. Boma Goodhead and if we don’t understand, we shall carry out protest if we don’t understand and those who are responsible will give account. “ the MOSOP said.