Market Women Seek Abia Govt Aid to Alleviate Market Fee Burden

Market Women Seek Abia Govt Aid to Alleviate Market Fee Burden

In a bid to address the escalating financial challenges faced by market women in the good morning market, Aba, a group of traders have appealed to the state government to provide assistance in reducing the burden of market fees. The market women argue that these fees, which have steadily increased over the years are impeding their ability to sustain their businesses and support their families


The market women, who form an integral part of the state’s economy, have long been grappling with rising operational costs and declining profits. They claim that the exorbitant fees imposed by market authorities are exacerbating their financial woes, pushing many towards the brink of closure.

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Speaking on behalf of the market woman, Mrs Adaobi Nwosu, a prominent trader at the good morning market Aba, highlighted the detrimental impact of the high fees on their goods. She emphasized that the excessive charges were taking a toll on their ability to afford necessities and meet other financial obligations.


Nwosu stated “We are not asking for handouts, we not simply requesting the government’s intervention to alleviate our burden. the exorbitant fees we are forced to pay are eating into our profits and making it increasingly difficult for us to make ends meet. we need the government’s support to ensure that our business can thrive and contribute to the growth of the state’s economy.

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The market women have proposed several solutions to address this issue. They suggest that the government should consider reducing the fees or introducing a subsidy scheme specifically designed for struggling traders.


Additionally, they propose implementing a transparent system for fee allocation, ensuring that the funds collected are utilized for market infrastructure development and maintenance.

They further called on the concerned authorities and relevant stakeholders to find a sustainable solution that is  needed to ensure the  continued growth and prosperity of Abia state’s vibrant markets while providing much-made relief to the hard-working traders