Man Raises Alarm Over Alleged Intimidation, Harassment For Seeking Justice To Son’s Death

One Mr Tunde Akinfewa has raised the alarm over alleged persistent harassment, intimidation and death threat to him and family by a bakery factory where his deceased son Akin Akinfewa worked.

Akinfewa in a statement obtained by our correspondent alleged that his life is in danger having sought justice from the said factory where his son died.

He explained that his late son aged 20 was reportedly electrocuted while working in the bakery at Iba Ojo on June 10, 2021.

He further explained that the factory owners instead of taking responsibility of the death of his son claimed that the deceased just slumped and died.

He also noted that two factory workers; Michael, the Operation Manager and Dele Ilesami who were present at the scene of the incident testified that the deceased died out of electrocution.

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Akinfewa noted that ever since the two workers gave their testimonies, he had been receiving series of intimidations and harassment through phonecalls not to take a legal action adding that the two witnesses complained that they were receiving same threat.

He, however called on the security agencies to ensure protection of his life and that of his family members while hoping that the culprits would be brought to book in no distant time.

Part of the petition read, “Mr Akinfewa recently shared a report detailing the ongoing intimidation, harassment, and threats that he and his family have been facing from those responsible for the death of his son in a popular bread company in 2021,located in Iba Ojo.

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“Despite his initial decision to withdraw the case, it
appears that the perpetrators are unwilling to let the matter rest.

“According to Mr Akinfewa, the individuals involved have been making repeated attempts to intimidate and frustrate him, as well as his family, in order to prevent them from pursuing legal action. These tactics have included threatening phone calls, vandalism of property, and even physical confrontations,which they also used in harassing, threatening and beat up Michael and Ilesami who were working for them and were my witnesses to the death of my son Akin Akinfewa.

“Mr Akinfewa expressed his deep concern for the safety of himself and his loved ones, as well as his frustration with the lack of progress in holding those responsible accountable for their actions. He emphasized the need for justice to be served and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.”