Hardship: Experts Charge Couples On Family Planning

As the cost of living continues to soar, an obstetrics gynaecologist at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) Dr. Kwosah Joseph Ngozi, is advising young couples to take family planning seriously. Dr Kwosah Ngozi in an interview with our reporter said doing so will help parents to avoid the stress of raising so many children in tough times. Apart from feeding the children Dr. Kwosah Ngozi also warned that hospital charges for intending mother’s have also increased by more than hundred percent and the worst is if caesarean section is needed. He said they should limit the number of dependence that they have particularly the number of children they will have so that the little money that comes to them, they will be able to plan it. Stating that when you have so many children and you don’t have money to take care of them, these children will be on the streets and end up not going to school. He therefore urge couples to consider family planning.

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Dr Kwosah Joseph Ngozi who is a senior lecturer at the Rivers State University further explained that this family planning issues is talked everytime on the radio, seen in the newspapers, and also, information can be gotten from health centres. Dr. Joseph Ngozi however, appealed to his fellow health care professionals to play a little role in promoting the adoption of family planning practices within the communities. He said they can educate people in their churches and, on the road. Advising them to cease any opportunity they have to talk to people. Stating that it might save a life.

In the meantime, a professor said that the high cost of living may lead to a mental breakdown. Professor of health education Golda Ekenado is advocating for more self care in times like this. Prof. Ekenado a lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt tells our reporter that World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not mainly the absence of diseases and infirmity. She said many parents are in a state of depression as they can not pay their house rent and children school fees, and also can not take care of other financial need in the family.

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Prof. Ekenado however, explained that cutting cost is necessary to the current economics challenges in Nigeria. She said parents must understand that they don’t need to keep themselves in a certain class when they know fully well that they are no longer in that class. Stating that if you force yourself to go beyond your limit, you will go down mentally. She further advise parents to learn to manage resources according to their income, prioritize their needs to be able to foot the education bills for their children. Advising that they register their children in schools they can afford.

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By Nzeuzor Jane, PH