FundVine Holdings Partners Omega Agric Tech Ventures To Enhance Food Security

Fundvine (FV) Holdings Ltd, a leading agribusiness subsidiary has entered into a groundbreaking agreement with Omega Agric Tech Ltd which is estimated to be around N1.6 billion aimed at revolutionizing Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

The investment is specifically targeted towards facilitating life-changing mechanized agriculture initiatives for 250,000 young agricultural entrepreneurs across Nigeria’s six geographical zones.

Speaking on this milestone, Dr. Hammed Tabal, Principal Officer at FV Partners Ltd, expressed profound gratitude to Mr. Roland Verne, Managing Director of Omega Agric Tech Ltd, and Gabriel Agibi, the country representative.

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Tabal emphasized the shared vision of taking the company to greater heights amidst the current agricultural revolution in the country.

He also commended the diversified portfolio of Fundvine Holdings across various sectors of the economy.

Omega Agric Tech Ltd has positioned itself as a key player in leveraging technology and innovation to transform Nigeria’s agricultural landscape.

This investment from Fundvine Holdings is expected to further propel the ambitions of Omega Agric Tech Ltd, allowing them to expand their reach and impact within the agricultural sector.

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Additionally, FV supported Omega Agric Tech Ltd’s with N10 billion Agri Fund to help in the production of Mechanized Agricultural Products (MAP).

This strategic partnership signifies a significant step towards harnessing the potential of mechanized agriculture in Nigeria, aligning with the government’s objectives of enhancing food security and economic prosperity through innovative agribusiness initiative.