Contribute your quota, LP chieftain tasks taxable Abians


A stakeholder of Labour Party, LP Umuhu ward Umuahia North State Constituency, Apostle Hillary Israel, has encouraged Abians to support the government of Dr. Alex Otti, through tax payment, as states rare exist without tax.

Interacting with our correspondent in Umuahia, Abia State capital, Apostle Israel, who appreciated the policies of Gov. Otti, also commended him, for promoting a digital economy in the state, which is gradually eliminating multiple taxation and also growing the state’s internally generated revenue, IGR.

Apostle Israel, a political scientist further reminded Abia citizens and residents that, “through the taxes we pay, the government is able to pay salaries of government workers and support common resources”.

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“Government need more money for security and infrastructure; Government need more money to protect lives and property. There is also the need for the government to educate the citizens and let them know it need more money to provide social amenities and which I have observed that Governor Alex Otti’s administration is doing.

“As Abians, we should know that one of the civic duties of the citizens of every country is payment of taxes. As a citizen of Abia you are required to pay your taxes. Also, residents, individuals and organisations doing business in Abia are required to pay taxes”.

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Apostle Israel who said, he would carry out an aggressive rural sensitization on the issue, maintained that government at all levels depends on the tax it collects to run the affairs of the State and it is the duty of every taxable citizen to contribute their quota to this effect.