Abia’s 31 Years Anniversary:Her Speed Of Development Is Incontestable

Written By Barr Eze Chikamnayo

Abia State is among the business hub of the Nation, Nigeria. Representing 27% of the GDP, and agriculture-which employs 70% of the State’s workforce. Abia has much arable land that produces Yams, Maize, Potatoes, Rice, Cashews, Plantains, Taro, and Cassava. Indeed, the State is blessed with sufficient natural resources that drives her economy. As we celebrate Abia State through her 31 years anniversary, don’t hold your breath to disregard the exceptional development we all have embraced ever since the assumption of our recent government. Mention must be made that in the past 8 years, the Capital city of Abia, and Aba especially can never be correlated with the today’s transformed Umuahia and Aba. Upon the creation of Abia State in 1991, Aba has been the Southeast City of Nigeria and the commercial centre of the State, Well known for its bustling trade and sprawling markets, it’s not hard to see why this city is often considered a commercial hub of Nigeria. But here is the disparity. These resources were like a balefire in dark woods. The economic sectors were dormant and unremittingly ached for a socio-economic improvement. It is discouraging and apparent that previous administrations did their best, but at no time towards the degree of a revamped State, beneath the excellent leadership of Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Ph.D.

Secondly, the Governor Abians know, is a responsible and responsive administrator. HIS ADMINISTRATION HAS CONSTRUCTED OVER 70 ROADS SINCE HIS INAUGURATION IN 2015. THE ROADS COMPRISED RURAL INTRA-STATE AND INTER-STATE ROUTES. We have a catchment of 25 million people coming into Abia everyday to do business; this is true, because of the confluence nature of the city. No other state in Nigeria has more neighbours than Abia apart from Kaduna. We have seven neighbours. Hence, the REBUILDER, decided to first build roads that will give access from each neighbouring state into Abia; they are the roads regarded as inter-state roads. His government also considered the roads based on the socio-economic value of the routes. Indeed, he has done roads that link people into Ariaria Market; for the first time in 20 years, his administration has been able to open the access to Ariaria from Brass to the expressway which never happened.

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Aba Owerri road
MCC Road
Umuojima road
Umuola road
Obikabia road
Weeks road
Umuode road
ENUC road
Omne road

Georges road
Umuehilegbu road
High court road
Adaelu road
Chima Nwafor road
Echefu road
Ukegbu road
36km Obikabia-Umukalika-Umueñe rd
Samek road
Onyebuchi road
Aharandu road
Ibadan road
Eziukwu Phase 1 & 2 road

Immaculate road
Okigwe road
Egege road
Milverton road
Umueze road
Osusu road
Aba road (Umuahia)
Osokwa-Aro Umuejie road
Nwaobasi Estate road
Owerrinta road
Nbawsi umuala road
Asa-Amauhie road
Hilltop road
Agalaba Ring road etc.

Furthermore, The technology of these roads, ensures the mixture of crushed rock-based materials and other items to achieve a thickness fill and compaction to the level of 300mm. His development on road infrastructure is beyond compare. These roads are constructed with a rigid pavement technology that is deemed to last for over 30 years. This is servant-leadership, commitment in service, governance with human based capacity building and a development that will live for posterity. It is undeniable that no administrator has done best like him with the necessary qualities and developmental strategies he possesses. Throughout his administration, his endeavours in ensuring the satisfaction of the masses has never failed over assignment. His infrastructural development in Abia has taken the potential and capacity by creating Abia as the SME capital of Nigeria, to position Nigeria as truly the giant of Africa. He has fulfilled this by securing the infrastructural turnarounds of Aba, within the exclusive resources of the State.

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Borrowing the Security Sector for a specimen, Abia has felt the augmentation of this exquisite leader in the defense and protection region. The Governor under his administration procured over 50 vehicles of different configurations and has distributed same to the various Security Agencies in the State. Compared to contiguous States, Abia is the safest State in the Nation. However, the logistics assistance is done on a proceeding and formal purpose with an impression to securing the Security Agencies whose obligation is to keep Abia stable and secure, are equipped with inevitable provisions to boost them work effectively.

Meanwhile, as security is ensured for Abians, Electricity is unfailing. Before the recent government, the ease of business was effortful and tough, marketers shutdown their businesses due to the poor stability of street light and electricity. Aside these, Aba was pictured as a business hub left out with infrastructure growth. But today, under the resourceful hands of Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, every constructed street in Aba is lighted up. Surplus can be apparent around the Osisioma flyover axis, where the REBUILDER glamorized the subtend with a structured end-to-end overwhelming solar light that runs and aides to the longings of these marketers in their twilight day-to-day businesses. Surely, there are more to be made known when we take a transit to these projects. The key attributes of the REBUILDER’s elegant governance is transparent, participatory; bringing about structural change and reforms in her favour, extend or attach aid, grants, donations on condition of replacing his democracy and administration in some form. It also Enhances democratic procedures, institutions and principles; and providing the people with socio-economic development, geared with human-based capacity building and proliferating creativities.

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In Summary, the speed and benefits of Okezie Ikpeazu’s administration has improved the project management capabilities within organisations. His Governance is concerned with improvement and efficient control of the performance of project management resources, as well as communication and engagement of stakeholders. His Governance has also ensured that individual efforts are not wasted and are efficiently utilised to satisfy the need of the STATE. Therefore, as we remember Abia through her 31 years anniversary, let’s felicitate the Governor for his incontestable exquisite leadership in Seven years.