Abia’s 2024 Budget Proposal Reflects Gov Otti’s Commitment To Infrastructure, Social Welfare–Chukwu


The Senior Special Adviser to Abia state Governor on Due Process,Dr Oluebube Chukwu has commended Governor Alex Otti for prioritizing infrastructure and social welfare of the people in the recent 2024 budget proposal to the State House of Assembly.



Chukwu, who spoke to Newsmen on the sidelines of the budget presentation by Gov Otti,said the budget proposal, totaling N567,240,095,972 billion, reflects the present adminstration’s commitment to addressing pressing needs and fostering sustainable growth in the state.



According to the Governor’s Aide,the budget is a display of fiscal prudence and visionary governance with the potential to usher in unprecedented development and prosperity for the people of Abia.



He noted that the proposed pay rise for civil servants in the state is a testament to Governor Otti’s recognition of the challenges posed by the current economic realities .



Chukwu emphasized that by making provisions for increased wages in the budget, the present administration has displayed a genuine commitment to the welfare, dedication of it’s workforce and their contribution to the state’s progress.

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“I commend Governor Otti’s strategic foresight embedded in the “Budget of New Beginning.” The proposal, totaling a substantial N567,240,095,972 billion, reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the state’s pressing needs and fostering sustainable growth.


“One of the standout features of the budget is the commendable shift towards prioritizing capital expenditure, with 84% of the allocation directed towards crucial infrastructure projects. This strategic reallocation, up from 53% in the previous fiscal year, demonstrates Governor Otti’s unwavering commitment to advancing the state’s economic landscape.


The dedication of over 20% and 15% of the budget to education and health, respectively, underscores the government’s prioritization of the social sector. This move aligns with the vision of Governor Otti’s administration in ensuring access to quality education and healthcare services for the citizens”, Chukwu affirmed.

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The Due Process boss noted that Governor Otti’s transparency initiative which was highlighted by the creation of a monitoring system for citizens and stakeholders to track project implementation, is a commendable step towards ensuring accountability and inclusive governance.


Chukwu further added that the system would guarantee transparency, prudence and reinforce the government’s commitment to citizen participation in decision-making processes.



He said that the Governor’s assurance that all borrowings in the fiscal year will be strictly dedicated to capital development projects, particularly in roads, schools, and medical facilities, showcases a responsible approach to debt management.



“This commitment is crucial in ensuring that borrowed funds are invested in projects with direct and lasting impact on the state’s economy.



Governor Otti’s budget presentation stands as a testament to his visionary leadership, prudent financial management, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of the people of Abia“, Chukwu stated.

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He expressed optimism that the proposed budget would serve as a catalyst for transformative change that would propel Abia to greater heights of prosperity and development.